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No showstoppers left.

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This file attempts to list the things that need to be done on this
* Showstoppers for the 2.0.4 release
** You can cause lyskomd to re-read the aux-items.conf file by sending
it a SIGWINCH signal. FIXME: this is undocumented and untested.
** Information about bcc-recpts was sometimes sent when too often, and
sometimes too seldom. This has been fixed. But is Protocol-A.texi
** Check what else Byers has committed, and update the ChangeLog, and
fix his commit messages.
* High priority, but they can wait until after the next release.
** Protocol-A.texi doesn't define what "letterbox" (and similar
strings) in the definition of built-in aux-times means.
** Fix dbck so that it can repair the database damage created by
lyskomd 2.0.0.
lyskomd 2.0.0. Some work done on the "dbckmultiplechoice" branch
of dbck.c.
** src/server/testsuite/lyskomd.0/ should be enhanced.
It only tests a tiny fraction of what should be tested.
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