Commit 946784d3 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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(lyskomd_start): Use the old path names, so that we don't have to

	update the entire test suite.
parent e777f069
......@@ -574,6 +574,29 @@ proc lyskomd_start {{aux_item_conf_file ""} \
set cf [open "config/lyskomd-config" "w"]
puts $cf "Client port: $clientport"
puts $cf "Prefix: [pwd]"
# FIXME (bug 1088): For now, we continue to use the pre-2.1.0 file names.
puts $cf "Data file: db/lyskomd-data"
puts $cf "Backup file: db/lyskomd-backup"
puts $cf "Backup file 2: db/lyskomd-backup-prev"
puts $cf "Lock file: db/lyskomd-lock"
puts $cf "Text file: db/lyskomd-texts"
puts $cf "Number file: db/number.txt"
puts $cf "Number temp file: db/number.tmp"
puts $cf "Text backup file: db/lyskomd-texts-backup"
puts $cf "Backup export directory: exportdb"
puts $cf "Log file: etc/server-log"
if {[regexp -nocase "Log statistics:" $extra_config] == 0
&& [regexp -nocase "Log statistics:" $base_config] == 0} {
puts $cf "Log statistics: etc/lyskomd-log"
puts $cf "Pid file: etc/pid"
puts $cf "Memory usage file: etc/memory-usage"
puts $cf "Status file: etc/status"
puts $cf "Connection status file: etc/connections.txt"
puts $cf "Connection status temp file: etc/connections.tmp"
puts $cf "Core directory: cores"
if { $base_config == "" } {
if { [regexp -nocase "Max conferences:" $extra_config] == 0 } {
puts $cf "Max conferences: 2000"
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