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(set-connection-time-format): New request.

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......@@ -3110,6 +3110,7 @@ their current status.
* find-previous-conf-no:: r Get previous conference number (117)
* get-scheduling:: e Get client priority information (118)
* set-scheduling:: e Alter client priority (119)
* set-connection-time-format:: e Use UTC or local timezone of server? (120)
@end menu
......@@ -8633,6 +8634,37 @@ different priorities.
@node set-connection-time-format
@section set-connection-time-format [120] (Experimental)
@findex set-connection-time-format
set-connection-time-format [120] ( use-utc : @lt{BOOL} )
-> ( );
@end example
This call specifies how @type{Time} values are sent over the
protocol. By default, they are sent in the local time zone of the
server. If @rarg{use-utc} is 1, they will instead be sent using UTC.
This affects both times sent from the server to the client, and from
the client to the server.
Please note that there is a race condition. The time contained in any
asynchronous message received after sending a
@req{set-connection-time-format} request and before getting the reply
may have been sent using either the old or the new setting. You
should not trust them.
@subheading Error codes
@table @errorcode
@item index-out-of-range
The @rarg{use-utc} argument must be 0 or 1.
@end table
@node Asynchronous Messages
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