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Documented 2.0.5.

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Changes in lyskomd 2.0.5 (Release date 2001-09-30)
* New aux-items: mx-mime-belongs-to, mx-mime-part-in, mx-mime-misc,
mx-envelope-sender, mx-mime-file-name, canonical-name, mx-list-name.
* The supervisor of the object that certain aux-items are attached to
can now remove the aux-item. Affected aux-items are redirect,
x-face, pgp-public-key, e-mail-address, faq-text and
allowed-content-type. This is configured via the new owner-delete
attribute of aux-items.conf.
* A bug that caused async-new-recipient to not be sent in some
cases when passive memberships were involved has been fixed.
* The test suite has been updated to use DejaGnu 1.4.2. It has also
been slightly expanded.
Changes in lyskomd 2.0.4 (Release date 2000-09-09)
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