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(async-presentation-changed): New async.

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......@@ -8318,6 +8318,7 @@ reject them if a client uses it as an argument to
* async-sub-recipient:: r A recipient has been removed from a text (17)
* async-new-membership:: r A user has been added to a conference (18)
* async-new-user-area:: r A user-area was changed (19)
* async-new-presentation:: r A presentation was changed (20)
@end menu
......@@ -8665,6 +8666,24 @@ message is sent to all supervisors of @aarg{pers-no} (which of course
includes @aarg{pers-no} himself).
@node async-new-presentation
@section async-new-presentation (11) Recommended
@amindex async-new-presentation
async-new-presentation [20] (( conf-no : @lt{Conf-No};
old-presentation : @lt{Text-No};
new-presentation : @lt{Text-No} ));
@end example
This message indicates that the presentation of @aarg{conf-no} has
changed from @aarg{old-presentation} to @aarg{new-presentation}. This
message is sent to everybody who is allowed to see @aarg{conf-no}. If
the conference had no presentation, @aarg{old-presentation} will be
0. Likewise, if the presentation of the conference was removed,
@aarg{new-presentation} will be 0.
@node Error Codes
@chapter Error Codes
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