Commit 9cc5efea authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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(protocol-a.html): New target.

(update-www): Give up on DVI and PDF.  texinfo.tex is currently too
	broken for my macro usage.  Fix the generation of HTML and
	Info for the web page.
parent 24d0a455
# $Id:,v 1.28 2001/05/13 19:13:41 ceder Exp $
# $Id:,v 1.29 2001/05/22 22:19:28 ceder Exp $
# Copyright (C) 1998-1999 Lysator Academic Computer Association.
# This file is part of the LysKOM server.
......@@ -58,21 +58,31 @@ SUFFIXES = .texi .notab
END {exit(e)}' $<
echo no tabs found > $@
protocol-a.html: Protocol-A.texi
makeinfo --html --no-split $(srcdir)/Protocol-A.texi
# The stuff below is used to update the official WWW pages at
PROTOEDITION=`sed -n 's/^@set PROTOEDITION //p' < $(srcdir)/Protocol-A.texi`
update-www: Protocol-A.dvi Protocol-A.pdf
update-www: protocol-a.html # Protocol-A.dvi Protocol-A.pdf
cd $(WWWROOT) || false
rm -rf $(WWWREV)
rm -rf $(WWWREV) Protocol-A-$(PROTOEDITION)-info \
$(WWWROOT)/Protocol-A-$(PROTOEDITION)-info.tar \
mkdir $(WWWREV)
tar cvf $(WWWROOT)/Protocol-A-$(PROTOEDITION)-info.tar.gz*
mkdir Protocol-A-$(PROTOEDITION)-info
cp* Protocol-A-$(PROTOEDITION)-info
tar cvf $(WWWROOT)/Protocol-A-$(PROTOEDITION)-info.tar \
echo Protocol-A-$(PROTOEDITION)-info.tar|(cd $(WWWROOT)&&xargs gzip -9)
cp $(srcdir)/Protocol-A.texi $(WWWROOT)/Protocol-A-$(PROTOEDITION).texi
cp Protocol-A.dvi $(WWWROOT)/Protocol-A-$(PROTOEDITION).dvi
cp Protocol-A.pdf $(WWWROOT)/Protocol-A-$(PROTOEDITION).pdf
rm -r Protocol-A-$(PROTOEDITION)-info
# cp Protocol-A.dvi $(WWWROOT)/Protocol-A-$(PROTOEDITION).dvi
# cp Protocol-A.pdf $(WWWROOT)/Protocol-A-$(PROTOEDITION).pdf
ln -s ../Protocol-A-$(PROTOEDITION).texi $(WWWREV)/Protocol-A.texi
(cd $(WWWREV) && texi2html -glossary -menu -split_node Protocol-A.texi)
cp protocol-a.html $(WWWREV)/protocol-a.html
echo "Don't forget to edit $(WWWROOT)/index.html"
Protocol-A.pdf: Protocol-A.texi
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