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(PROTOEDITION): Set to 10.6.

(VERSION): Set to 2.0.6.
(Document Edition History): Document changes in edition 10.6.
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......@@ -8,9 +8,9 @@
@setchapternewpage odd
@c @afourpaper
@set PROTOVER 10
@set VERSION 2.0.5
@set VERSION 2.0.6
......@@ -9661,6 +9661,51 @@ All calls from 0--56.
@table @asis
@item 10.6: 2002-03-29
@emph{Fixed errors}: The format of the user area was plain wrong. The
examples for @req{query-read-texts} and @req{get-membership} were
wrong. The @field{idle-time} field is only affected by the
@req{user-active} request, not by all activity (@pxref{Session
@emph{Protocol change:} Expanded the documentation of
@field{super-conf}. @xref{Conference Status Types}. Simplified the
rules for @field{super-conf}; a setting of 0 no longer means anything.
A new section contains a summary of how a client should decied where
to send a comment, and it contains the new rules. @ref{Recipients of
comments}. Most clients already implemented the new rules; the old
rules were overly complex.
@emph{New aux-item:} @aux{send-comments-to} [33].
@emph{Modified aux-item:} @aux{faq-text} [14] may now be set on a
@emph{Previously undocumented stuff:} Expanded the documentation of
@field{permitted-submitters}. @xref{set-permitted-submitters}.
Clarify that a person is a supervisor of himself, except for the
@req{set-supervisor} call; @xref{Conferences}.
Document the @priv{change-name} privilege bit; @xref{Security}.
Document that @field{last-login} is also updated on logout;
@xref{Person Status Types}.
Clarify that the address part of @aux{redirect} [8] is a conference
@emph{Compatibility info:} Mention that the elisp client used to enter
texts as @samp{x-kom/text} instead of @samp{text/x-kom-basic}.
@emph{Administrativia:} Updated ``Future changes'' (@pxref{Future
changes}), and mention that we now use Bugzilla to keep track of bugs
and feature requests.
@emph{Editorial changes:} Added some of Texinfo markup and cross
references. Several spelling errors, typos, et c were fixed.
@item 10.5: 2001-09-30
A new section (@pxref{Client-side name expansion}) in the informative
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