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Added news for 1.6.5 and 1.6.6.

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Changes in lyskomd 1.?.? (Release date 1994-??-??)
Changes in lyskomd 1.6.6 (Release date 1994-11-15)
* Can now handle 1000000 texts and 4765 persons/conferences.
* mark_as_read can (hopefully) no longer cause the server to crash.
Changes in lyskomd 1.6.5 (Never released, used since 1994-10-24)
* New configuration parameter "Open files" can be used on hosts that
support setrlimit to increase the limit on simultaneous connections.
* New configuration parameter "Force ISO 8859-1" assists in
environments where setlocale() is broken or lacks support for
ISO 8859-1.
* Slightly improved script.
* Many harmless warnings and some errors from apcc removed.
NEWS entry for 1.6.4 was added.
* NEWS entry for 1.6.4 was added.
Changes in lyskomd 1.6.4 (Release date 1994-06-30)
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