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Talk a little about the test suite.

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we indent the code in another way (use "M-x set-c-style RET BSD RET"
if you are using Emacs 19). See the file NEWS for information about
changes, or the various ChangeLogs for more detailed information.
The testsuite
You should be able to compile, install and run lyskomd in almost any
reasonably modern Unix environment. The test suite, however, require
that some special software is installed on your system. In the list
below we give the location for the version that was used to run the
test suite prior to release of the LysKOM server. Later versions may
be available when you read this. Later versions may of course cause
the test suite to fail.
DejaGnu is a test suite framework. It is based on expect, which is in
turn unfortunately based on TCL. I really wish there was something
like DejaGnu based on something better than TCL, but for now we are
stuck with this. It is better than no framework. DejaGnu can be
found at this location:
Tcputils is a small package of tiny shell utilities that are very
handy when you use the network. It can be found at this localtion:
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