Commit 9ec75d6c authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Release 1.6.2.

dbck: New option: -c.
Optimized find_previous_text_no.
Really adhere to ``Default change name capability'', ``Anyone can
create new persons'' and ``Ident-authentication''.
parent db74743b
Sat Jun 18 20:51:32 1994 Per Cederqvist (
* version.incl: Version 1.6.2.
* connections.c: Include "config.h".
* dbck.c: New option: -c (Consider an unset change_name an error).
(unset_change_name_is_error): New variable.
(check_persons): Check change_name if unset_change_name_is_error
is set. Set it if -r is given, or offer to set it if -i is given.
(main): Recognize -c and set unset_change_name_is_error if given.
* text.c (find_previous_text_no): Optimize the case where the
requested text is larger than the highest created text.
* ramkomd.c (go_daemon): Now static.
* person.c (create_person): Set change_name according to
Check param.anyone_can_create_new_persons and create_pers.
* param.h (struct kom_par): Don't test DEBUG or DEFENSIVE_CHECKS.
Always include all fields. This wastes 8 bytes, but that way
there is no risk that the struct looks different in different
* internal-connections.c, membership.c: Test NDEFENSIVE_CHECKS
* dbck.c, connections.c, ramkomd.c, server-config.c: Test NDEBUG
instead of DEBUG.
* Makefile.src, (tags): etags no longer supports the
-t flag. Use $(srcdir) for *.c and *.h.
Tue Apr 5 21:14:57 1994 Per Cederqvist (
* ramkomd.c (go_daemon): Added "coming up" log message, so that
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