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Updated with long option names and the new options --clear-password

and --grant-all.
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.\" $Id: dbck.8,v 1.11 1996/02/23 15:44:46 byers Exp $
.\" $Id: dbck.8,v 1.12 1996/02/25 20:34:30 ceder Exp $
.\" Copyright (C) 1991, 1992 Lysator Academic Computer Association.
.\" This file is part of the LysKOM server.
......@@ -21,8 +21,8 @@
.\" Please mail bug reports to
.\" $Id: dbck.8,v 1.11 1996/02/23 15:44:46 byers Exp $
.\" $Date: 1996/02/23 15:44:46 $
.\" $Id: dbck.8,v 1.12 1996/02/25 20:34:30 ceder Exp $
.\" $Date: 1996/02/25 20:34:30 $
.TH dbck 8 "August 22, 1991"
dbck - reports and corrects errors in the LysKOM database. This
......@@ -30,13 +30,14 @@ program is also used remove unreferenced texts from the texts file.
.B /usr/lyskom/bin/dbck
.B -dirvgsctoF
.B options
] [
.I config_file
This program should be run after something has happened that has made the
database corrupted.
database corrupted. It can only be used for some other database
It fixes the database, checking all references.
......@@ -47,43 +48,52 @@ all pointers are adjusted. This does only happen if the database was
The database is only modified if at least one of the options
.BR -r ", " -i ", or " -g
is given.
.B -r ", " -i ,
or any of the options that explicitly manipulate the database
are given.
Otherwise, it is only checked and any detected errors are reported.
The option
.B -F
forces the database to be written even if no modifications have been made.
Both the short and long form of the opions are given below.
.B \-i
Run interactively asking the user questions.
.B \-h \-\-help
Give a usage message (which includes the version number and the
compiled-in default location of the config file) and exit
.B \-r
.B \-i \-\-interactive
Run interactively.
If any inconsistency is found, a remedial cure will be suggested, and
the user must confirm if he wants the action to be taken or not.
.B \-r \-\-auto\-repair
Repair simple errors without asking.
.B \-v
.B \-v \-\-verbose
Verbose mode. Report not only errors but other statuses of the
.B \-g
.B \-g \-\-compact\-text\-mass
Do the garbage collect of the texts part of the database. This is
sometimes called a compression of the text but it only removes
non-referenced texts.
.B \-s
.B \-s \-\-print\-statistics
Gather statistics about the lengths of texts. A table containing
the frequency of all lenghts that is currently used is printed.
.B \-t
.B \-t \-\-list\-text\-no
.B Checking text_no
.I T
for each text number
.I T
that exists. Warning: this can generate a lot of output!
that exists. Warning: this generates lots of output!
.B \-c
.B \-c \-\-set\-change\-name
Consider it an error if the
.B change_name
capability of a person is not set.
......@@ -91,10 +101,18 @@ Due to a bug, that capability was never set for newly created persons
in release 1.6.1 of lyskomd. This option can be used to repair the
.B \-o \fIformat\fR
.BI \-P " pers_no " \-\-clear-password= pers_no
Clear the password of the specified user.
This option is silently ignored if the user doesn't exist.
.BI \-G " pers_no " \-\-grant-all= pers_no
Grant all privileges to the specified user.
This option is silently ignored if the user doesn't exist.
.BI \-o " format " \-\-output\-version= " format "
Select output format. Valid formats are 1 or 0.
.B \-F
.B \-F \-\-force\-output
Force output. Always write a new data file even if no modifications
have been made. This is useful for converting between different
database formats.
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