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(Protocol Version History): Call 102=set-membership-type was omitted,

	and later calls was misnumbered.
(map-created-texts): Documented.
parent c33280aa
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
@c FIXME: Explain how the garb works with nice and keep-commented
@c $Id: Protocol-A.texi,v 1.57 1999/04/15 20:51:44 ceder Exp $
@c $Id: Protocol-A.texi,v 1.58 1999/04/18 15:29:35 ceder Exp $
@c %**start of header
@settitle LysKOM Protocol A
......@@ -195,8 +195,9 @@ Lars Aronsson documented the protocol that was in use at the time.
@item 99=get-membership
@item 100=add-member
@item 101=get-members
@item 102=local-to-global
@item 103=map-created-texts
@item 102=set-membership-type
@item 103=local-to-global
@item 104=map-created-texts
@item 105=set-keep-commented
@end itemize
......@@ -7416,9 +7417,14 @@ ever existed in the conference.
-> ( Text-Mapping );
@end example
Return information about existing texts that @code{author} has written.
Return text numbers for existing texts that @code{author} has written.
FIXME: more text here
Just as each conference has a mapping from local text numbers to global
text numbers, each person has a mapping from the N:th text written by
him to the global text number. This function can be used to retrieve
part of that mapping.
@xref{local-to-global} for more information and examples.
@unnumberedsubsec Error codes
......@@ -7426,7 +7432,26 @@ FIXME: more text here
@item login-first
Login required before issuing this call.
@c FIXME: more codes here
@item long-array
@code{no-of-existing-texts} was larger than 255.
@item conf-zero
@code{conf-no} was set to 0.
@item local-text-zero
@code{first-local-no} was set to 0.
@item undef-pers
The conference does not exist, or the client is not allowed to know that
it exists.
@item no-such-local-text
@code{first-local-no} is greater than the highest local text number that
ever existed in the conference.
@item access-denied
The conference exists, but the client is not allowed to retrieve
information about the texts in the conference.
@end table
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