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(Adding Asynchronous Messages): Use ``enum async'' instead of a

	typedef.  (Bug 335).
parent d4214e9d
\input texinfo
@c $Id: lyskomd.texi,v 1.41 2001/12/21 23:18:20 ceder Exp $
@c $Id: lyskomd.texi,v 1.42 2001/12/22 17:00:59 ceder Exp $
@c %**start of header
@include version.texi
......@@ -1708,7 +1708,7 @@ value. Make sure that @code{dbck} can cope with it.
@table @asis
@item @file{async.h}
Add the message in @code{typedef enum @{ @} Async}. Make sure that
Add the message in @code{enum async @{ @}}. Make sure that
@code{ay_dummy_last} is one more than any other message. If the message
is to be sent by default, which is @emph{not} recommended, place its number
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