Commit a46310d5 authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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Major bugs in dbck-cache fixed.

Output of old-style conf-types supported.
Minor change of data file format (no file footer).
parent 0d4cc64c
Sat Jul 27 13:17:05 1996 David Byers <>
* simple-cache.c (save_one_text): Removed code that printed dollar
sign at end of data file.
Fri Jul 26 10:40:12 1996 David Byers <>
* simple-cache.c (init_cache): Data file is now terminated by EOF,
not a dollar sign.
* ram-output.h: Declare foutput_conf_type_0 and
* ram-output.c (foutput_conf_type_0): New function. Outputs an old
four-bit conf_type.
(foutput_conference_0): New function. Outputs conference with a
four_bit conf type.
* dbck-cache.c (cache_sync): Fix bug that crashed the program on
nonexistent texts, persons and conferences. Rewrote
format-dependent code as switches rather than ifs. Output
passwords to the database. Output old-type conference records in
version zero files. Fata file is no longer terminated by a dollar
(init_cache): Rewrote format-dependent code as switches rather
than ifs. Data file is terminated by EOF rather than dollar.
Fri Jul 26 02:11:38 1996 Per Cederqvist <>
* Protect against too large arrays sent to accept_async:
......@@ -45,6 +72,13 @@ Thu Jul 25 01:30:53 1996 Per Cederqvist <>
(pre_sync): Removed a call to time() whose return value was never
Wed Jul 24 18:36:17 1996 David Byers <>
* simple-cache.c (save_one_text): Don't output an extra space
after the text number. foutput_long will place the necessary space
there anyway. (Top level): Include string.h for strerror, test for
Wed Jul 24 03:05:48 1996 Per Cederqvist <ceder@link>
* dbck.c (main): Die with an error message if an unsupported
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