Commit a766a7bd authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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--with-traced-allocations broke the test suite. Update the protocol

parent d3edcfba
1999-05-23 Per Cederqvist <>
Documentation fixes.
* doc/Protocol-A.texi (Top): Updated for release.
(What do I have unread): @code{@xref{}} and @code{@ref{}} don't
work, so don't use the construct.
--with-traced-allocations broke the test suite.
* src/server/testsuite/config/unix.exp (l2g_start): Handle
* src/server/testsuite/test-l2g.c (main): Handle
* src/server/ram-smalloc.c: Comment updated.
Update the protocol revision.
* src/server/fncdef.txt: Whitespace fix.
* doc/Protocol-A.texi: Removed all up, next and prev pointers
once again.
(Document Revision History): Specify
tomorrow as release date.
(Protocol Version History): Update the entry for protocol version
10. The status of 59=create-anonymous-text-old was changed to
Obsolete in protocol version 10, not version 9.
(Protocol Requests): Mark experimental calls with an "e".
(add-member-old): Typo fixed.
(unmark-text): This was introduced in protocol version 6, not 4.
(set-expire): Change status to Experimental.
(set-keep-commented): Change status to Experimental.
(set-pers-flags): Fix markup error.
1999-05-22 David Byers <>
Timestamp the saved database and refuse to start if the server
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