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Most sensible ideas and bug reports that still exist in LysLysKOM

should now be present in this file.
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......@@ -6,6 +6,23 @@ Before the next release
These are show-stoppers that prevent a new release.
* Newline terminates requests. Check that a wording similar to that
in 1509862 is present in Protocol-A.texi.
* An asynchronous message is sent to everybody when a secret
conference changes its name. That is an unacceptable leak of
sensitive information. (990788, 2804846)
* Check change-what-am-i-doing very carefully. According to 915974
and 916257 there may be a bug in it, but that is pure speculation.
* disconnect(0) should disconnect the current session. (806239)
* Should we really retain deleted aux-items indefinitely? (3490203)
* Should the error message be named conference-zero or
zero-conference? (Protocol-A.texi)
* Remove the man pages for lyskomd.
* Add the dbck reference to the lyskomd manual. Remove the man pages.
......@@ -16,18 +33,14 @@ These are show-stoppers that prevent a new release.
* Missing test cases in 03.exp
* 89=create-person should probably not do an automatic login. (Wasn't
this discussed in KOM?)
this discussed in KOM? Yes it was, in 3267591, but there are no
surviving comments. Did anybody object? /ceder)
I think the current behavior is so deeply entrenched that we
shouldn't change the it. Leave it alone.
* Read 45110, 45121, 45284 again and incorporate selected comments in
this document.
* Read all texts in LysKOM (-) Systemet, protokollet mm created after
1991 (start at text 170527) and incorporate selected information in
this document.
I still think it would be better to remove the automatic login,
but you might be able to persuade me differently. /ceder
* Test the code for memory leaks.
......@@ -104,6 +117,13 @@ High priority, but they can wait until after the next release.
* Proof-read Protocol-A.texi.
* Consider implementing aux-infos that are the "reverse" of a Mark, of
the aux-info faq-text, of a presentation, et c. Once that is done,
the mark_text field of the Text_stat can be removed. More
importantly, it can easily be seen which conference a text is a
presentation for (et c). We also get more redundancy that dbck can
use. (3490225)
* Consider implementing an aux-info that causes comments of a text, or
of all texts written by the author, to get a bcc-recpt to the
authors letterbox. Make sure that this bcc-recpt is not the only
......@@ -123,7 +143,8 @@ High priority, but they can wait until after the next release.
* Add an improved internal structure for the text_stat list to avoid a
large fixed-size array.
* Document the mark bits. (6390, 24358, 24444, 40876, 42356)
* Document the mark bits. (6390, 24358, 24444, 40876, 42356, 45110,
1111605, 2687219)
* Document the user area.
......@@ -134,6 +155,13 @@ Nice to have/do
Lower priority than the above-mentioned things.
* Performance enhancement: Don't emit asynchronous messages
immediately. Attempt to write, say, 4 KB of data at a time to the
clients. The server currently makes a lot of small writes.
* Performance enhancement: Don't call gettimeofday() more than once
per atomic call.
* Introduced aux-items that states that "this text is the
presentation/motd of conference so-and-so".
......@@ -152,6 +180,65 @@ Lower priority than the above-mentioned things.
structures internally in the server. A Conference is (probably)
used much more often than the large internal lists within it.
* Create a "server hackers guide" and move the contents of
doc/server.extend (and several other files in the doc directory) to
it. The "server hackers guide" should probably be an appendix of
* Improve the data base. Text 250010 contains some ideas for a grand
* A better way to "list active conferences" than to get the conference
status of every conference and sort them on the last-written field.
According to 310351 PortaKOM had the command "Lista aktiva möten".
We should be as good as PortaKOM in every aspect. But see text
3604479 which outlines a way to implement this in a client in a
reasonably efficient way without support from the server.
* Stack-based slow searching? See 1013917 for some ideas.
* 103=local-to-global and 34=get-map should be able to return more
information when applied to e. g. letterboxes. It should return
information about all texts that ACTPERS is allowed to read. See
678026 and 678411 for more thoughts about this.
* Re-run the test in 775202 and see if anything can be improved.
* New version of get-text-stat (et al) where the misc-info-list is
removed. (1108039).
* Design and implement a few new calls so that client writers don't
have to think about Local_text_no. We need something along the
lines of these calls:
void mark_as_read(Text_no);
Text_no first_unread(Pers_no, Conf_no); ! (but see 1593002)
* Text parts, so that we can have both audio and text.
* Keyword support on texts.
* Keyword support on conferences (1112142, 1112200).
* Version numbering on calls? (1441352)
* Add a separate subject field (a short string) to the Text-stat.
Problems: should the subject be restricted to ISO 8859-1?
* A possibility to ask for conferences created after a certain
date. (1622840). Dubious value; the new conferences should have a
* A documented way to store the prefered language in the common area
of the user area (1632323).
* Check the rules for when you are allowed to change a recpt to a cc-recpt.
(1901530, 2329667, 2329682). (This may already be implemented -- check it.)
* It would be nice if an author could be notified whenever a text
written by him was commented. 3381984 and 3382009 outlines a way to
implement that using a special aux-info and automatic adding of a
bcc-recpt by the server to the new comment.
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