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(Protocol Requests): get-members-old is now

	being promoted from "Obsolete" to "Recommended".
(get-members-old): Ditto.  Discuss get-members versus get-members-old.
(get-members): Ask client writers to consider using get-members-old.
(create-conf-old): Document when the ability to send an
	Extended-Conf-Type was introduced, and what it means to send a
	four-bit Conf-Type.
(create-text): Typo fixed.
(Mapping Local to Global Text Numbers): Typo fixed.
parent 96233f20
......@@ -2045,8 +2045,8 @@ format to use as it pleases; clients must be prepared for any of them.
@itemize @bullet
The @dfn{sparse} format is useful when many local text number no longer
exists. It starts with a @code{0} that indicates that the sparse format
The @dfn{sparse} format is useful when many local text numbers no longer
exist. It starts with a @code{0} that indicates that the sparse format
is used, and is followed by an array of @type{Text-Number-Pair}. The
array will always be sorted so that @field{local-number} always
......@@ -3111,7 +3111,7 @@ their current status.
* broadcast:: O Broadcast a message. Replaced by call 53 (45)
* get-membership-old:: O Get membership for a person. Use call 99 (46)
* get-created-texts:: O Get texts created by a user. Use 104 (47)
* get-members-old:: O Get members of a conference. Use 101 (48)
* get-members-old:: r Get members of a conference. (48)
* get-person-stat:: r Get status information for a person (49)
* get-conf-stat-old:: O Get status information for a conference (50)
* who-is-on:: O Get current sessions. Use call 63 (51)
......@@ -3645,6 +3645,12 @@ returns the conference number of the newly created conference.
To use this call the session must have logged in as a user with
privileges to create conferences (@pxref{Security}).
The ability to send an @type{Extended-Conf-Type} was added in protocol
version 8, first implemented in lyskomd 1.8.0. If a four-bit
@type{Conf-Type} is used, the @conftype{allow-anonymous} bit will be
set, but @conftype{forbid-secret}, @conftype{reserved2} and
@conftype{reserved3} will be cleared.
1 50 8
......@@ -5669,7 +5675,7 @@ text.
@node get-members-old
@section get-members-old [48] (1) Obsolete (10)
@section get-members-old [48] (1) Recommended
@findex get-members-old
......@@ -5684,6 +5690,12 @@ This call returns a list of members of the conference @rarg{conf}.
from zero and up. @rarg{no-of-members} is the maximum number of members
to return.
See also @reqlink{get-members}, which returns more information about
the membership. However, if you need to call @reqlink{get-membership}
or @reqlink{query-read-texts}, you might just as well use this
request, to avoid transfering redundant information. Despite the
name, this request is not obsolete.
1 48 1 0 100
......@@ -7232,7 +7244,7 @@ an unknown misc item in the misc-info list.
@item illegal-aux-item
One of the aux-items in @rarg{aux-items} is illegal. The tag might be
out of range, the item not applicable to texts or whatever
out of range, the item not applicable to texts or whatever.
@item aux-item-permission
One of the items looks valid but could not be created anyway.
......@@ -7879,6 +7891,9 @@ Some of the elements of the result may be cleared if the person
requesting the information does not have sufficient privileges to see
the contents. Cleared elements simply have all fields set to zero.
It is often better to use @reqlink{get-members-old} and
@reqlink{query-read-texts} instead of using this request.
1 101 1 0 100
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