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Release 1.9.0.

Portability fixes.
Renamed pepsi to change-conference and anarchy to allow_anon.
The distributed database is now in format 1.
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Sun Aug 4 00:35:18 1996 Per Cederqvist <>
* Release 1.9.0.
* NEWS: Updated for release 1.9.0.
* INSTALL: Updated for release 1.9.0.
* doc/prot-A.txt: This is specification 9.0. Editorial changes.
* scripts/ Don't distribute komrunning, savecore,
.gdbinit, call-switch.incl, fnc-def-init.incl,
fncdef-no-str-limit.txt, prot-a-parse-arg.c, prot-a-parse-arg.h,
updateLysKOM, Makefile or dependencies.
* Portability fixes:
* scripts/mkmi.m4 (EXTRAARFLAGS): New variable. Use it in the
$(LIBNAME) target.
* run-support/Makefile.src (doinstall): Use "test -f file" instead
of "[ -f file ]" to avoid problems with OSF1 3.2 make.
* (EXTRAARFLAGS): Added. Set to "rv" if make doesn't
Sat Aug 3 02:29:00 1996 Per Cederqvist <>
* doc/prot-A.txt: Warn that bitstrings may have variable length in
the future.
(83=who-is-on-dynamic): New argument: active-last.
* Portability fixes:
* scripts/mkmi.m4 (LK_descend): Make the makefiles more portable
by using FORCE as well as .PHONY.
* src/libraries/libansi/memcmp.c: New file.
* Check for sys/select.h and libcrypt.
(DEPENDFLAG): SparcWorks wants it set to -xM1.
Added AC_REPLACE_FUNCS(memcmp).
* scripts/ Don't distribute isc-new.h, com.h,
version-info.c, db-nocrypt, lyskomd or dbck.
* db-crypt/db/lyskomd-data: Converted to database format 1. Names
changed to ISO 8859-1.
* scripts/lyskomd-copyrights: Don't update README.FSF,
run-support/savecore or src/server/TAGS.
* doc/prot-A.txt: Renamed "pepsi" to "change-conference" and
"anarchy" to "allow_anon".
Fri Aug 2 02:09:09 1996 Per Cederqvist <>
* versions (SERVER-COMPAT-VERSION): 10900.
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