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Removed all up, next and prev pointers. Makeinfo can figure them out

automatically.  Fixed proper nesting of nodes, and use @Top, so that
this work.  Merge everything in prot-A.txt into this document:
(Document Revision History): This is going to be revision 10.0
	which documents protocol version 10.  9.0 was distributed with
	lyskomd 1.9.0.  8.0 was distributed with lyskomd 1.8.0.
(Protocol Version History): New name for former "Protocol Revision
	History".  Updated the information about version 9.
(Protocol Design Principles): Node removed.  The "Client-Server
	Dialog" node contains the same information.
(Client-Server Dialog): Specify the LysKOM port in the example.
(Simple Data Types): Moved the text about data element separator
	and call terminator to "Client-Server Dialog".
(user-active): Talk more about when clients should send this.
(who-is-on-dynamic): Improved the explanation.
(get-static-session-info): State that the returned information is immutable.
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