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Prepare Protocol-A.texi for web publication. Add and check

domain-specific markup.
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2001-04-16 Per Cederqvist <ceder@moria>
Fix comments.
* src/server/async.h: Don't refer to removed files.
* src/include/kom-types.h: Likewise.
* HACKING: There are version numbers in Protocol-A.texi as well.
Prepare Protocol-A.texi for web publication. Add and check
domain-specific markup.
* doc/ (.texi.notab): Check that no lines are more than
79 characters long.
(update-www): New target. This is work in progress and does not
yet work.
(Protocol-A.pdf): New target.
(check): Depend on check-doc.
(check-doc): New target. This is work in progress, but it already
performs several useful sanity checks on Protocol-A.texi.
* doc/.cvsignore: Ignore *.tmp, Protocol-A.pdf, protocol-a.html,
and stamp-vti1.
* doc/constructs.expected: New file, that enumerates the expected
@-constructs in Protocol-A.texi.
* doc/Protocol-A.texi (PROTOEDITION, PROTOVER, VERSION): New
constants. Use them throughout the document instead of 10.3, 10
and 1.0.4. Bump PROTOEDITION to 10.4. Added an explicit
permission to process the texi file with TeX. Ensure that all
permission notices are equal. Print all version information on
the title page. Moved the contents to the front of the document,
and avoid printing them in the html document. Add HTML links to
Lysator and LysKOM before the first node.
(Top): Enclose this node in @ifnottext instead of @ifinfo. Refer
to the web site.
(Overview): Include all version numbers and the canonical URL for
the protocol specification here as well, but only @iftex.
(Document Edition History): New name for former node "Document
Revision History". Use the term "edition" throughout the
document. Added a not for edition 10.4.
(Predefined Aux-Item Types, create-anonymous-text-old)
(create-anonymous-text, modify-system-info): Get rid of overfull
hbox messages from TeX.
(Type Index, Request Index): Use @unnumbered instead of @chapter.
(all call nodes): Replaced "@unnumberedsubsec Error codes" with
"@subheading Error codes" so that they are not included in the
table of contents, and so that the PDF menus work better.
(Overview, Document Edition History): TeX lint.
(@req, @aux, @async, @type, @priv, @conftype, @misc, @rarg, @aarg)
(@errorcode, @field): New Texinfo macros. Use them where
2001-04-13 Per Cederqvist <>
Register the undocumented "rkom" user-area block.
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