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Added back a few warnings with examples of systems that generate them.

parent 3ffa99b2
# This sed script removes known warnings for the benefit of Xenofarm.
# FIXME (bug 976): Lots of warnings from regex.c.
# glibc-2.1.2/gcc-2.95.2 on gratia.
/\/usr\/include\/inttypes.h:427: warning: function returns an aggregate/d
/\/usr\/include\/inttypes.h:428: warning: function call has aggregate value/d
# The Intel C++ compiler doesn't like the -M options that
# automake-1.7.2 uses to create dependency information.
/icc: Command line warning: ignoring option '-M'; no argument required/d
/icc: Command line warning: no action performed for specified object file(s)/d
# flex-2.5.4 generates some unused stuff.
/aux-item-def-scan.c:.*: warning: label `find_rule' defined but not used/d
/aux-item-def-scan.c:.*: warning: `yy_flex_realloc' defined but not used/d
/aux-item-def-scan.c:.*: warning: `yyunput' defined but not used/d
# Quoted from src/server/getopt.h:
# /* Many other libraries have conflicting prototypes for getopt, with
# differences in the consts, in stdlib.h. To avoid compilation
# errors, only prototype getopt for the GNU C library. */
/getopt\.h:104: warning: function declaration isn't a prototype/d
# When compiling on a system that doesn't use the GNU C library,
# getopt.c uses non-prototype declarations of several library functions.
# Example: AIX 4.2 on
/getopt\.c:.*: warning: function declaration isn't a prototype/d
# This is a harmless comparison of the return value of strlen() and
# a difference between two pointers. Warning created on AIX 4.3 with
# gcc 3.2 (
/getopt\.c:461: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned/d
# This is a false warning from gcc 3.2 (seen oon AIX 4.3,
/getopt\.c:451: warning: `indfound' might be used uninitialized in this function/d
# On AIX 4.3, with the /usr/vac/bin/cc compiler, sig_atomic_t is
# apparently a volatile type. The lyskom-server code uses "volatile
# sig_atomic_t", since many systems exists where sig_atomic_t isn't
# volatile, and this results in the warnings below.
# Seen on
/"sigflags\.h", line .*: 1506-112 (W) Duplicate type qualifier "volatile" ignored\./d
/"connections\.c", line .*: 1506-112 (W) Duplicate type qualifier "volatile" ignored\./d
# Linux on ia64. gcc-2.96. as of 2003-01-18.
/\/usr\/include\/bits\/socket\.h:271: warning: cast increases required alignment of target type/d
# Linux on ia64 with the ecc compiler. as of 2003-01-18.
/warning #688: "format" is an unrecognized __declspec attribute/
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