Commit b941ecf9 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Don't require "grep -f" and "tac" to check the documentation.

parent 87b19af1
2002-08-17 Per Cederqvist <>
Don't require "grep -f" and "tac" to check the documentation.
* doc/ New file, that we can use instead of the
non-portable "grep -v -f ...".
* doc/ New file, that replaces the "tac" program.
* doc/ (check-doc): Use instead of "grep
-v -f ...". Adjust the contents of several temporary files
accordingly: they now contains lines to ignore, not regexp
patterns to ignore. Use instead of tac; not everybody has
GNU textutils installed.
* scripts/ (checkdocok): "grep -f" and tac are no
longer required to "make check" in the doc subdirectory.
Xenofarm refinements.
* scripts/ Attempt to identify the version of the C
compiler and the makeinfo program.
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