Commit bc29a042 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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(SERVER-VER): Definition removed.

(dodistclean): Remove makedist.
(dist): Use makedist instead of a long embedded shellscript.
(makedist): New target, built from scripits/
parent fbbf4559
# $Id: Makefile.src,v 1.24 1994/11/19 14:48:41 ceder Exp $
# $Id: Makefile.src,v 1.25 1994/12/31 11:31:06 ceder Exp $
# Copyright (C) 1991, 1993, 1994 Lysator Academic Computer Association.
# This file is part of the LysKOM server.
......@@ -23,12 +23,11 @@
LK_STD([msg includes stamp-depend libraries binaries end-msg])
[SUBDIRS = doc scripts src run-support
SERVER-VER = 1.6.6]
[SUBDIRS = doc scripts src run-support]
[[ $(RM) $(GENERIC-DISTCLEAN) config.status
$(RM) lib/lib*.a stamp-depend
$(RM) lib/lib*.a stamp-depend *.tmp makedist
rmdir lib
......@@ -61,62 +60,20 @@ stamp-depend:
touch stamp-depend
.PHONY: dist
dist: $(srcdir)/configure
[ ! -f $(srcdir)/Makefile ]
cd $(srcdir); ./mkmi
-$(RM) -r lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)
for i in "" /src /src/libraries /doc /scripts; do\
$(MKDIR) lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)$$i||exit 1;\
if [ -f $(srcdir)/README-serverrelease ] ;then \
cp $(srcdir)/README-serverrelease lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/README;\
cp $(srcdir)/README lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/README;\
for i in COPYING INSTALL configure \
Makefile.src mkmi NEWS; \
do cp $(srcdir)/$$i lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/||exit 1; done
cp $(srcdir)/src/ lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/src/
cp $(srcdir)/src/Makefile.src lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/src/
cp $(srcdir)/src/libraries/ \
cp $(srcdir)/src/libraries/Makefile.src \
for i in ADMINISTRATION misc_items prot-A.txt \
server-async.extend server.extend what-is-unread.swe \
server-config.extend Makefile.src; \
do \
cp $(srcdir)/doc/$$i lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/doc/$i||exit 1;\
cp -r $(srcdir)/doc/man lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/doc/man
$(RM) -r lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/doc/man/man?
for i in mkmi.m4 Makefile.src mkinstalldirs; do\
cp $(srcdir)/scripts/$$i lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/scripts/||exit 1; \
cp -r $(srcdir)/run-support lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/run-support
for i in libansi libcommon libisc-new libmisc regex ; do \
cp -r $(srcdir)/src/libraries/$$i \
lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/src/libraries \
|| exit 1 ; \
cp -r $(srcdir)/src/server lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/src
$(RM) lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/src/server/cache-database.h
$(RM) lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/src/server/cache-database.c
$(RM) lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/src/server/cache.c
cp -r $(srcdir)/src/include lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/src/include
$(RM) -r lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)/src/include/ansi
cp -r $(srcdir)/db-crypt lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)
cp -r $(srcdir)/db-nocrypt lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)
find lyskom-$(SERVER-VER) \
\( -name CVS -o -name '*~' -o -name '#*#' -o -name 'lib*.a' \
-o -name '*.o' -o -name '.#*' -o -name core \
-o -name Makefile.in2 -o -name 'stamp-*' -o -name 'TAGS' \
-o -name '*.orig' \) \
-print -exec rm -rf "{}" \; -prune
tar cvf lyskom-$(SERVER-VER).tar lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)
$(RM) lyskom-$(SERVER-VER).tar.gz
gzip -9v lyskom-$(SERVER-VER).tar
$(RM) -r lyskom-$(SERVER-VER)
dist: $(srcdir)/configure makedist
srcdir="$(srcdir)" RM="$(RM)" ./makedist
makedist: $(srcdir)/scripts/ $(srcdir)/versions
$(RM) $@.tmp
echo '#!/bin/sh' > $@.tmp
echo '# Do not edit -- this file is generated automatically' >> $@.tmp
sed 's/\$$(SERVER-VER)/'`sed -n 's/SERVER-VERSION: //p' \
<$(srcdir)/versions`/g \
< $(srcdir)/scripts/ >> $@.tmp
echo '# Do not edit -- this file is generated automatically' >> $@.tmp
chmod 555 $@.tmp
$(RM) $@
mv $@.tmp $@
.PHONY: msg
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