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(Client-Specific Aux-Item Types): Reserve 10200-10299 for private test

	use.  Refer to Bugzilla.
(async-text-aux-changed): New async message.
parent 8fd9953b
......@@ -835,10 +835,11 @@ Currently, the following ranges are assigned to clients:
@itemize @bullet
@item 10000-10099: The Elisp Client
@item 10100-10199: komimportmail
@item 10200-10299: Private test use (should never be used on a public server)
@end itemize
If you want a range of numbers, send e-mail to the LysKOM development
group, or request it via Bugzilla.
@node Experimental Aux-Item Types
@subsection Experimental Aux-Item Types
......@@ -8671,6 +8672,7 @@ reject them if a client uses it as an argument to
* async-new-user-area:: r A user-area was changed (19)
* async-new-presentation:: r A presentation was changed (20)
* async-new-motd:: r A motd was changed (21)
* async-text-aux-changed:: r The aux-item list of a text was changed (22)
@end menu
......@@ -9054,6 +9056,27 @@ Likewise, if the motd of the conference was removed, @aarg{new-motd}
will be 0.
@node async-text-aux-changed
@section async-text-aux-changed (11) Recommended
@amindex async-text-aux-changed
async-text-aux-changed [22] (( text-no : @lt{Text-No};
deleted : @lt{ARRAY} @lt{Aux-Item};
added : @lt{ARRAY} @lt{Aux-Item} ));
@end example
This message indicates that the aux-items of text @aarg{text-no} have
been changed. (This message is not sent when the text is created or
deleted.) @aarg{deleted} is a list of the deleted items, and
@aarg{added} is a list of the added items. At least one of the arrays
will be non-empty.
Please note that all items in @aarg{deleted} will have the
@field{flags.deleted} bit set.
@node Error Codes
@chapter Error Codes
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