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(Conference Lists (x-kom/conflist)): Empty node removed.

(Only read the most recent N texts): Likewise.
(Review the last N by FOO to BAR): Likewise.
(Remote control): Likewise.
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......@@ -6,14 +6,8 @@
@c FIXME: get rid of "komimportmail Aux-Item Types" (6435520)
@c FIXME: Explain how the garb works with nice and keep-commented
@c FIXME: Nodes ceder are about to remove:
@c FIXME: "Conference Lists (x-kom/conflist)" is empty (6435528)
@c FIXME: "Only read the most recent N texts" is empty
@c FIXME: "Review the last N by FOO to BAR" is empty
@c FIXME: "Remote control" contains no information
@c $Id: Protocol-A.texi,v 1.144 2001/05/05 21:44:53 ceder Exp $
@c $Id: Protocol-A.texi,v 1.145 2001/05/08 21:32:20 ceder Exp $
@c %**start of header
@settitle LysKOM Protocol A
......@@ -8636,7 +8630,6 @@ text/html.
* Reformattable Text (x-kom/basic)::
* The User Area (x-kom/user-area)::
* Conference Lists (x-kom/conflist)::
@end menu
@node Reformattable Text (x-kom/basic)
......@@ -8669,9 +8662,6 @@ paragraph.
This content type indicates that the article contains a user area.
@xref{The User Area}.
@node Conference Lists (x-kom/conflist)
@section Conference Lists
@node The User Area
@chapter The User Area
......@@ -8814,8 +8804,6 @@ to answer some questions that seem to come up over and over again.
* What do I have unread::
* Only read the most recent N texts::
* Review the last N by FOO to BAR::
@end menu
@node What do I have unread
......@@ -8874,14 +8862,6 @@ is that the server will send asynchronous messages with information
about new texts. Clients need to listen to these messages.
@node Only read the most recent N texts
@subsection Only read the most recent N texts
@node Review the last N by FOO to BAR
@subsection Review the last N by FOO to BAR
@node Client Conventions
@section Client Conventions
......@@ -8893,7 +8873,6 @@ will go away when the protocol is updated to correct these deficiencies.
* Text formatting:: The format of texts in the database.
* Content type specification:: Clients can tag the content type of a text.
* Remote control:: Some clients can be remotely controlled.
@end menu
......@@ -8938,15 +8917,6 @@ aux-items to specify content type instead.
@node Remote control
@subsection Remote control
This convention is only implemented by the Emacs-Lisp client, but since
I work on that client, I'm free to write about it. This is a subprotocol
between clients, transferred by messages sent using
@node Importing and Exporting E-Mail
@appendix Importing and Exporting E-Mail (informative)
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