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(Document Revision History): Specify tomorrow as release date.

(Protocol Version History): Update the entry for protocol version
	10.  The status of 59=create-anonymous-text-old was changed to
	Obsolete in protocol version 10, not version 9.
(Protocol Requests): Mark experimental calls with an "e".
(add-member-old): Typo fixed.
(unmark-text): This was introduced in protocol version 6, not 4.
(set-expire): Change status to Experimental.
(set-keep-commented): Change status to Experimental.
(set-pers-flags): Fix markup error.
parent e3139fb6
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
@c FIXME: Explain how the garb works with nice and keep-commented
@c $Id: Protocol-A.texi,v 1.66 1999/05/23 13:04:57 byers Exp $
@c $Id: Protocol-A.texi,v 1.67 1999/05/23 20:25:48 ceder Exp $
@c %**start of header
@settitle LysKOM Protocol A
......@@ -138,12 +138,12 @@ The LysKOM developers can be reached by email to
@table @asis
@item 10.0: @i{In progress}
@item 10.0: 1999-05-24
The specification was translated to English and converted to Texinfo by
David Byers. Protocol version 10. Distributed with lyskomd 2.0.0.
@item 9.0: 1996-08-04
This version was distributed with lyskomd 1.9.0.
Protocol version 9. Distributed with lyskomd 1.9.0.
@item 8.0: 1995-11-10
Protocol version 8. Distributed with lyskomd 1.8.0.
......@@ -177,7 +177,16 @@ Lars Aronsson documented the protocol that was in use at the time.
@subsection Protocol version 10 (first implemented in lyskomd 2.0.0)
@table @asis
@item Error codes
The error codes are now documented. Several error codes were changed to
more sane values while documenting the new behaviour.
@item New Server Calls
These new calls have status Recommended.
@itemize @bullet
@item 85=get-collate-table
@item 86=create-text
......@@ -191,7 +200,6 @@ Lars Aronsson documented the protocol that was in use at the time.
@item 94=get-info
@item 95=modify-system-info
@item 96=query-predefined-aux-items
@item 97=set-expire
@item 98=query-read-texts
@item 99=get-membership
@item 100=add-member
......@@ -199,25 +207,64 @@ Lars Aronsson documented the protocol that was in use at the time.
@item 102=set-membership-type
@item 103=local-to-global
@item 104=map-created-texts
@item 106=set-pers-flags
@end itemize
These new calls have status Experimental.
@itemize @bullet
@item 97=set-expire
@item 105=set-keep-commented
@end itemize
@item Removed Server Calls
@item Name changes
@multitable {59=create-anonymous-text} {59=create-anonymous-text-old}
@item Old name @tab New name
@item 5=create-person @tab 5=create-person-old
@item 9=query-read-texts @tab 9=query-read-texts-old
@item 10=create-conf @tab 10=create-conf-old
@item 13=get-conf-stat-old @tab 13=get-conf-stat-older
@item 14=add-member @tab 14=add-member-old
@item 26=get-text-stat @tab 26=get-text-stat-old
@item 28=create-text @tab 28=create-text-old
@item 36=get-info @tab 36=get-info-old
@item 46=get-membership @tab 46=get-membership-old
@item 48=get-members @tab 48=get-members-old
@item 50=get-conf-stat @tab 50=get-conf-stat-old
@item 59=create-anonymous-text @tab 59=create-anonymous-text-old
@end multitable
@item Status change
The following calls have change status from Experimental to Recommended.
@itemize @bullet
@item 5=create-person
@item 9=query-read-texts
@item 10=create-conf
@item 14=add-member
@item 26=get-text-stat
@item 28=create-text
@item 58=get-last-text
@item 77=set-last-read
@item 78=get-uconf-stat
@end itemize
The following calls are have changed status from Recommended or
Experimental to Obsolete.
@itemize @bullet
@item 5=create-person-old
@item 9=query-read-texts-old
@item 10=create-conf-old
@item 14=add-member-old
@item 26=get-text-stat-old
@item 28=create-text-old
@item 33=sub-comment
@item 36=get-info-old
@item 46=get-membership-old
@item 47=get-created-texts
@item 48=get-members-old
@item 50=get-conf-stat
@item 59=create-anonymous-text
@item 50=get-conf-stat-old
@item 59=create-anonymous-text-old
@end itemize
@item New and New Modified Structures
@item New and Modified Structures
@itemize @bullet
@item Aux-Item
@item Aux-Item-Input
......@@ -230,10 +277,19 @@ Lars Aronsson documented the protocol that was in use at the time.
@item Text-Stat
@end itemize
@item Renamed Asynchronous Messages
A @samp{async-} prefix has been added to the name of all asynchronous
messages. In addition, 0=new-text has been renamed to
0=async-new-text-old, and it is now considered obsolete. Clients should
use 80=accept-async to listen to 15=async-new-text instead.
@item New Asynchronous Messages
@itemize @bullet
@item async-deleted-text message
@item New async-new-text message
@item 14=async-deleted-text
@item 15=async-new-text
@item 16=async-new-recipient
@item 17=async-sub-recipient
@item 18=async-new-membership
@end itemize
@item Notes
......@@ -278,7 +334,6 @@ name was changed, but not the functionality.
@itemize @bullet
@item 63=@code{who-is-on-ident} is now considered obsolete.
@item 64=@code{get-session-info-ident} is now considered obsolete.
@item 59=@code{create-anonymous-text-old} is now considered obsolete.
@end itemize
@end table
......@@ -2905,7 +2960,7 @@ in the example.
* get-info:: r Get server information (94)
* modify-system-info:: r Add or delete system aux items (95)
* query-predefined-aux-items:: r Get list of aux-items the server knows (96)
* set-expire:: r Set the expire field of a conference (97)
* set-expire:: e Set the expire field of a conference (97)
* query-read-texts:: r Get info on what is read (98)
* get-membership:: r Get membership for a person (99)
* add-member:: r Add a member to a conference (100)
......@@ -2913,7 +2968,7 @@ in the example.
* set-membership-type:: r Modify the type of conference (102)
* local-to-global:: r Map local text numbers to global ones (103)
* map-created-texts:: r Map texts created by a person to glogal (104)
* set-keep-commented:: r Set how new comments protect old texts (105)
* set-keep-commented:: e Set how new comments protect old texts (105)
@end menu
@node login-old, logout, Protocol Requests, Protocol Requests
......@@ -3489,7 +3544,6 @@ returned instead of the name.
@node add-member-old, sub-member, get-conf-stat-older, Protocol Requests
@section add-member-old (1) Obsolete (10)
@findex add-member-old
add-member-old [14] (( conf-no : Conf-No;
......@@ -3510,6 +3564,7 @@ member of the conference.
In protocol version 10, setting the priority to zero sets the passive
bit in the membership. The actual priority is not changed.
1 46 119 0 10 0
@t{=1 1 @{ 49 14 17 13 8 91 5 255 1 119 255 0 0 * @}}
......@@ -6136,7 +6191,7 @@ Already the maximum number of marks on text @code{text}.
@node unmark-text, re-z-lookup, mark-text, Protocol Requests
@section unmark-text (4) Recommended
@section unmark-text (6) Recommended
@findex unmark-text
......@@ -7071,7 +7126,7 @@ This call always succeeds.
@node set-expire, query-read-texts, query-predefined-aux-items, Protocol Requests
@section set-expire (10) Recommended
@section set-expire (10) Experimental
@findex set-expire
......@@ -7525,7 +7580,7 @@ information about the texts in the conference.
@end table
@node set-keep-commented, , map-created-texts, Protocol Requests
@section set-keep-commented (10) Recommended
@section set-keep-commented (10) Experimental
@findex set-keep-commented
......@@ -7556,7 +7611,7 @@ complete the call anyway.
@end menu
@node set-pers-flags, , set-keep-commented, set-keep-commented
@subsection set-pers-flags (10) Recommended
@section set-pers-flags (10) Recommended
@findex set-pers-flags
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