Commit ce7dac59 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist

15 more bugs copied to Bugzilla.

parent a2011352
......@@ -216,51 +216,64 @@ None!
Returns secret persons and secret working conferences. No
filtering is done on the result.
BUGZILLA-MARKER: the bugs below are not yet present in lysBugzilla.
[52, 54]
** Change read-texts. (4111477)
** modify_conf_info can operate on an rd_protected conf.
Perhaps we should have a flag that says an item can be added only
by members of the conference?
** get_conf_stat returns aux_items for re_prot confs.
** get_conf_stat returns aux_items for rd_prot confs.
We should almost certainly have a way of filtering out some aux
items so they are not visible to non-members.
** Remove src/include/compiler.h and use autoconf tests instead.
Is NORETURN used where it should be used?
[58] (Fixed: see
** Fix The output of ./configure --help isn't as good
as it should be. See libisc.
** The configure script fails if neither flex nor lex can be found.
** async-text-deleted (and possibly others) should be sent to
recipients of any of the objects linked to the text that is
** Add an enable_val value to the Person structure, and use it when no
session is available.
** Handle timetravel better.
** Add leaks tests for all situtations when the client gets
disconnected from the server.
** Statement coverage tests for the aux-item-def parser
** Fix the markup in the Texinfo files
** Consider changing many paths so that it is safe to install lyskomd
with prefix=/usr/local.
How about saving this for the next release and then support
various other path conventions?
** Add a checksum on each object in the database.
BUGZILLA-MARKER: the bugs below are not yet present in lysBugzilla.
** The text-mass file should contain some redundancy. At a minimum, it
should store the text number and text length of each text, so that
there is absolutely no risk that the wrong text is displayed. (That
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