Commit d303d1d2 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Integrate the new cache into LysKOM. Not yet ready.

parent c005c520
Sun Feb 20 17:14:25 1994 Per Cederqvist (
* cache.c: Integrated into the LysKOM environment. Fixed memory
handling. Still needs more work.
* cache.h: Moved the comments before what they comment.
* simple-cache.c (query_next_text_num): The return value is a
Text_no, not an int.
* membership.c, session.c, text.c: Include kom-memory.h.
* cache-database.c: Include smalloc.h. Adapted to the LysKOM
environment. Fold some long lines.
Sun Feb 20 15:12:16 1994 Pontus Hagland (law@kajsa)
* cache.h: Rewritten. (Contents should be the same)
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