Commit d7919189 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Source config/localcfg.exp if it exists.

parent eb94d2f8
# The values in this file can be overridden by creating localcfg.exp
# and setting them there. This is useful if you are working against
# the CVS repository and make a purely local change (such as setting
# the timeout value to a low value).
# Set this to 1 to cause the test suite to wait while you attach to
# the process that is being tested.
......@@ -1239,3 +1244,9 @@ proc dump_statistics {} {
system "kill -USR1 $lyskomd_pid"
# If you want to override the timeout or some other values, you
# can do so by creating "localcfg.exp" in the build tree.
if {[file exists "config/localcfg.exp"]} {
source "config/localcfg.exp"
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