Commit d9c0e6b2 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Removed special cases for aristocat, moghedien and lysator. Path

setup et c is better handled in the configuration files of the
corresponding computer.
parent 585f0865
......@@ -108,29 +108,6 @@ else
cfgargs="$cfgargs CC=$compiler"
case `uname -n` in
# We need dejagnu.
timeecho adjusting path to $PATH for aristocat
# We presumably need the new makeinfo from /sw/local/bin,
# but try without it. FIXME.
#cfgargs="$cfgargs MAKEINFO=/sw/local/bin/makeinfo"
#timeecho adjusting cfg args for moghedien
# We need runtest.
timeecho adjusting path to $PATH for moghedien
if test "$compiler" = cc
. /etc/
module add sparcworks
dotask 1 "unzip" "gzip -d $BASE.tar.gz"
if test $compiler = default
......@@ -339,6 +316,8 @@ echo $PATH > r/path.txt
makeinfo --version > r/makeinfo.txt
type makeinfo >> r/makeinfo.txt 2>&1
# FIXME: we should not create machineid.txt. We only do so
# since we are not sure what version of the Xenofarm client grubba is running.
if test $compiler = default
uname -s -r -m > r/machineid.txt
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