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be sent to the configure script.
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# INSTALL -- installation instructions for the LysKOM server
# $Id: INSTALL,v 1.16 1994/04/05 07:50:28 ceder Exp $
# $Id: INSTALL,v 1.17 1994/06/18 21:31:20 ceder Exp $
# Copyright (C) 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 Lysator Academic Computer Association.
# This file is part of the LysKOM server.
......@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ other file). This section also describes everything you can change to
get different behavior.
1. Generate the configure script from This requires
GNU autoconf (we have been using version 1.7).
GNU autoconf (we have been using version 1.11).
$ autoconf
......@@ -198,7 +198,20 @@ get different behavior.
You should not normally need to set these environment variables,
but you might have to clear them, to avoid confusing the
configure script.
configure script. You can add these values to CFLAGS to enable
or disable features in the server:
-DNDEBUG Disable the ``-d'' option of lyskomd. The
result should be slightly faster, but a lot
harder to debug. Not recommended, but
-DNDEFENSIVE_CHECKS Omit some code which is used to detect
internal errors. Not recommended.
-DLOGACCESSES Enable the configuration option ``Log
accesses'' parameter. Not recommended, since
it slows down the server quite a bit, and
unless you plan to write a new cache you have
no use of the resulting (large) trace anyhow.
4. Install include files. During the build, various source files
are installed in the directory include. This step also
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