Commit df8e0249 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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lyskomd should now handle many simultaneous clients properly.

parent 6323a8b4
......@@ -76,6 +76,7 @@ Before the next release
*** Test validation of regexps containing groups. Try "X\\(YZ\\)?X".
I will do this. --DCB
*** Test that "% No connections left" works.
** Known Bugs
......@@ -87,8 +88,6 @@ Before the next release
** Improvements
*** Use libisc 1.0.
Fix complete support for fd_relocate -- there should be a special
event instead of ISC_EVENT_LOGIN when the relocation fails.
I will do this --ceder
*** Get rid of mux_printf and doc/mux.proto et c.
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