Commit e061dd31 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Release 1.7.1.pre.2.

parent c7527a67
# versions -- This file specifies various version numbers for lyskomd.
# $Id: versions,v 1.5 1995/01/07 13:05:11 ceder Exp $
# $Id: versions,v 1.6 1995/01/07 19:24:16 ceder Exp $
# Copyright (C) 1994, 1995 Lysator Academic Computer Association.
# This file is part of the LysKOM server.
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ SERVER-SOFTWARE: lyskomd
# you make an unofficial distribution, *please* change this to
# something unique! Suggestion: suffix it with your initials,
# e.g. 1.7.0.ppp.1
SERVER-VERSION: 1.7.1.pre.1
SERVER-VERSION: 1.7.1.pre.2
# Old clients don't know how to get the version number as a string, so
# they are stuck with this old-format integer version number. This
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