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Changes in documentation and in

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Fri Jun 14 17:24:39 1996 David Byers <>
* doc/Protocol-A.texi (query-async): Documented calls 15-19 or so.
Added complete dependency on special fonts. Included disgusting
TeX hack. Oh what joy!
Mon Jun 10 14:16:13 1996 David Byers <>
* doc/prot-A.txt: Documented call 80 and 81 (accept-async and
* doc/server-async.extend: Updated description.
* Transposed checks for nsl and socket so things
work a little bit better on Solaris 2.5
Sun Jun 9 10:40:57 1996 David Byers <>
* doc/prot-A.txt: Documented prot-A.txt
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