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        Fixed uses of @code in texinfo manuals

        Added timestamp to database file format
parent 5fe78896
1999-05-22 David Byers <>
Timestamp the saved database and refuse to start if the server
travels backwards through time:
* doc/lyskomd.texi (Version 2): Documented new header format.
* db-crypt/db/lyskomd-data: Added timestamp
* src/server/dbck-cache.c (cache_sync_all): Handle output format 2.
(sync_output_header): New function.
(cache_sync_all): Use sync_output_header to output file header.
* src/server/simple-cache.c (pre_sync): Use sync_output_header.
(sync_output_header): New function outputs file header and
(save_one_text): Use it.
(init_cache): Check the timestamp on the database before loading.
* src/server/connections.c (toploop): Log a warning if time starts
moving backwards.
Documentation fixes:
* doc/Protocol-A.texi (get-membership): Fixed FIXME.
* doc/lyskomd.texi: Fixed misplaced @code and @i markup.
* doc/Protocol-A.texi: Fixed misplaced @code and @samp markup.
1999-05-23 Per Cederqvist <>
Port to automake 1.4a.
......@@ -51,7 +51,6 @@ Before the next release
disconnected from the server.
** Statement coverage tests for the aux-item-def parser
** Uppmärkningen i texiinfofilerna
......@@ -83,10 +82,6 @@ Before the next release
** Asynchronous messages may not be censored enough. Check all
messages that contain conf-nos.
** difftime is not used everywhere where it should be used. There are
a few places where '-' is still used to get a diff in seconds.
** Add triggers have to have the capability of preventing addition.
This is difficult since we check the validity of addition before
adding the items. The prevention would have to happen in the check
......@@ -145,9 +140,6 @@ Before the next release
and that all local add-times of texts in confereces are
** lyskomd should log a warning if it is travelling backwards trough
** Fix Nisse's text garbing procedure. See doc/IDEAS for details.
** Proof-read Protocol-A.texi.
......@@ -222,9 +214,6 @@ Before the next release
immediately. Attempt to write, say, 4 KB of data at a time to the
clients. The server currently makes a lot of small writes.
** Performance enhancement: Don't call gettimeofday() more than once
per atomic call.
** Introduced aux-items that states that "this text is the
presentation/motd of conference so-and-so".
......@@ -721,6 +710,13 @@ Before the next release
aux_item_list send from the client.
** We should refuse to start if time has moved backwards.
** Performance enhancement: Don't call gettimeofday() more than once
per atomic call.
* In progress
** Document aux-items for mail import/export. (3229403)
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