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Document some TeX code.

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......@@ -309,11 +309,33 @@ another language under the same conditions as for modified versions.
@end quotation
@end copying
@c FIXME (bug 195): What does this do?
@c ispell-ignore
@c Don't indent the first line of paragraphs.
@parindent 0pt
@c Define @tensltt to switch to the cmsltt10 font (Computer Modern,
@c Slanted, Typewriter, 10pt).
@c Define @t{} so that it switches from slanted to regular to slanted
@c typewriter text as usages are nested. For example:
@c @t{A @t{B @t{C} D} E}
@c will set A, C and E slanted and B and D as regular typewriter text.
@c This makes @t sort of the typewriter equivalent of LaTeX \em
@c (emphasis is italic, emphasized emphasis is roman).
@c Helpers:
@c \rett: switch to typewriter @c text and define
@c \t as an alias for \sltt.
@c \sltt: switch to slanted typewriter text and defines
@c \t as an alias for \rett.
@c Finally \t is defined as an alias for \sltt.
\global\def\rett#1{{\let\t\sltt\tt #1}}
\global\def\sltt#1{{\fam\ttfam\tensltt\let\t\rett #1}}
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