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This file attempts to list the things that need to be done on this
Before the next release
These are show-stoppers that prevent a new release.
* Read 45110, 45121, 45284 again and incorporate selected comments in
this document.
* Read all texts in LysKOM (-) Systemet, protokollet mm created after
1991 (start at text 170527) and incorporate selected information in
this document.
* The Membership that is returned by 98=query-read-texts should
include the position of the Membership.
* Mention explicitly in the protocol spec that the cient cannot send
"0 *" to the server.
* Ability to have a callback function when an aux-item is created,
removed, changed or resurrected. (This is according to 3053346
critical. Why?)
* Test the code for memory leaks.
* Fix dbck so that it can repair Member<->Membership inconsistencies.
* Improve the file format for local-to-global.c.
* Write a Texinfo manual for lyskomd based on the man pages. Remove
the man pages.
* Merge all changes done to prot-A.txt into Protocol-A.texi.
* Document 103=local_to_global
* Document 104=map_created_texts
* Implement a test suite that tests all calls successfully at least once.
* Use libisc 1.0.
* Update/rewrite README.
* Protocol-A.texi contains both INT32 and INTEGER. (3228850)
* String-Size is used but not defined in Protocol-A.texi. (3228850)
* Session-No is defined twice in Protocol-A.texi. (3228850)
* Fix aux-item 13, 14 and 15 according to 3228006 and 3228045.
* Fix the node structure of Protocol-A.texi (3228867).
* Document aux-items for mail import/export. (3229403)
* Check the unused static function regarding aux-infos.
* Check that Async 13 is sent at the proper times (see 79208).
* Integrate doc/Bugrapporter into this document.
* Check that this file is included in the distribution.
As soon as possible
High priority, but they can wait until after the next release.
* Proof-read Protocol-A.texi.
* Define and implement asynchronous messages for cache inconsitency.
* Validation of aux-items.
* Add a checksum on each object in the database.
* Add an improved internal structure for the text_stat list to avoid a
large fixed-size array.
* Document the mark bits. (6390, 24358, 24444, 40876, 42356)
* Document the user area.
* Fix case errors in type names etc (3267160).
Nice to have/do
Lower priority than the above-mentioned things.
* Run the garb at 02:00 (configurable) rather than every 24 hours.
* get-n-unread as per 1111652.
* Some generalized way to query the server for (unread) texts with a
certain aux-item set. (see 21415 for motivation)
* Write a "lyskomd hackers guide" (requested in 24684).
* Tree-structure for the conferences (41768).
* Don't include so much information in the Person and Conference
structures internally in the server. A Conference is (probably)
used much more often than the large internal lists within it.
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