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Fix a minor memory leak. Added some valgrind support. Minor doc fix.

parent eea47993
2002-08-02 Per Cederqvist <>
Fix a minor memory leak.
* src/server/aux-items.c (free_aux_item_definitions): Fixed a
memory leak. We have to call regfree() to deallocate stuff within
the compiled regular expression. This bug was found with
Added some valgrind support. (Bug 514).
* src/server/testsuite/config/unix.exp: Handle the VALGRIND
command line argument.
(spawn_lyskomd): New proc, that knows how to use valgrind.
(lyskomd_fail_start): Use spawn_lyskomd.
(parse_valgrind_leak): New proc.
(check_valgrind): New proc.
(lyskomd_death): Call check_valgrind.
2002-08-01 Per Cederqvist <>
Minor doc fix.
* doc/Protocol-A.texi (Preface): Fix markup.
* doc/constructs.expected: Updated.
2002-07-31 Per Cederqvist <>
Updated send-comments-to [33] so that it now allows an optional
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