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(Garb): New chapter.
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\input texinfo @c -*-texinfo-*-
@c FIXME (bug 194): Explain how the garb works with nice and keep-commented
@c %**start of header
@settitle LysKOM Protocol A
@setchapternewpage odd
@c @afourpaper
@set PROTOVER 11
@set VERSION 2.1.0
@set VERSION 2.1.2
......@@ -405,6 +403,7 @@ The most up-to-date version if this document can always be found at
* LysKOM Content Types:: Predefined content types for articles.
* The User Area:: Store client-specific settings in the server.
* Membership visibility:: How the security features interacts.
* Garb:: Old texts are deleted automatically.
* Measured Properties:: Load average, number of processed requests...
* Extracted grammar:: If you want to generate code, read this.
* Writing Clients:: A few tips for client writers.
......@@ -10497,6 +10496,60 @@ Otherwise, @var{V} is not allowed to se the membership.
@node Garb
@chapter Automatic text removal (the garb)
Old texts are automatically removed by a process known as @dfn{the
garb}. By default, the garb will remove all texts when it looks at
them. There are several things that can save a text from removal:
@itemize -
@item if the server is configured to never remove any texts.
@item if text is marked. See @reqlink{mark-text}.
@item if the text is presentation of a conference.
See @reqlink{set-presentation}.
@item if the text is message of the day for a conference.
See @reqlink{set-etc-motd}.
@item if the text is message of the day for the system.
See @reqlink{set-motd-of-lyskom}.
@item if the text is message of the user area of a person.
See @reqlink{set-user-area}.
@item if the text is less than 24 hours old.
@item if the text has an aux-item with the @field{dont-garb} bit set.
See @xref{Aux-Item-Flags}.
@item if the text is less than @field{nice} days old, for any of the
recipients. @field{nice} is part of the @type{Conference} status.
@reqlink{set-garb-nice}. All recipient types, @misc{recpt},
@misc{cc-recpt} and @misc{bcc-recpt}, counts. If the text was added
to the conference after its creation, the check is made against the
addition time instead of the creation time.
See @reqlink{set-garb-nice}.
@item if the text was added as a comment or footnote to a text within
the last 24 hours. See @reqlink{add-comment} and
@item for each comment and footnote to the text, the time when it
became a comment or a footnote of the text is considered. If it is
less than 24 hours, the text is saved. If it is less than the
@field{keep-commented} field of any of the recipients of the text and
the comment/footnote, it is saved. All recipient types, @misc{recpt},
@misc{cc-recpt} and @misc{bcc-recpt}, counts.
See @reqlink{set-keep-commented}.
@end itemize
Other texts will be removed. It is an implementation detail of the
server exactly when texts will be removed.
@node Measured Properties
@chapter Measured Properties
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