Commit e879d05b authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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(add-footnote): The description for the error code index-out-of-range

	was wrong.
parent a3516812
......@@ -4856,17 +4856,24 @@ one. The change is reflected in the Misc-Info List of the texts.
@table @errorcode
@item login-first
Login required before issuing this call.
@item no-such-text
The text @rarg{text-no} or @rarg{footnote-to} does not exist or is
@item index-out-of-range
Maximum number of texts in database already.
The @rarg{text-no} and @rarg{footnote-to} arguments are equal, and the
server does not support texts that are footnotes to themselves.
@item not-author
Not author of @rarg{footnote-to}.
@item footnote-limit
Text @rarg{footnote-to} already has the maximum number of footnotes.
@item already-footnote
Text @rarg{text-no} is already a footnote to @rarg{footnote-to}.
@end table
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