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(VERSION): Bugfix: set to 2.0.4, not 1.0.4.

(Client-side name expansion): New node.
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......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
@set PROTOVER 10
@set VERSION 1.0.4
@set VERSION 2.0.4
......@@ -7586,7 +7586,7 @@ reject them if a client uses it as an argument to
* About Asynchronous Messages:: Introductory information about
* About Asynchronous Messages:: Introductory information about
asynchronous messages.
* async-new-text-old:: r A text has been created (0)
* async-i-am-off:: O Logged off (obsolete) (1)
......@@ -8932,6 +8932,7 @@ will go away when the protocol is updated to correct these deficiencies.
* Text formatting:: The format of texts in the database.
* Content type specification:: Clients can tag the content type of a text.
* Client-side name expansion:: By number, by word, by regexp.
@end menu
......@@ -8974,6 +8975,26 @@ supported, specifying text/html and text/enriched respectively.
Starting with protocol version 10, this ugly workaround is obsolete. Use
aux-items to specify content type instead.
@node Client-side name expansion
@subsection Client-side name expansion
When a client needs to prompt the user for a conference (or person),
it could offer the user several ways of specifying the conference:
@itemize @bullet
@item By conference number
@item By name, using the @reqdlink{lookup-z-name} call@linkhere{}.
@item By name, using the @reqdlink{re-z-lookup} call@linkhere{}.
@item By name, transforming the string to a case insensitive regular
expression, and then using the @req{re-z-lookup} call.
@end itemize
It is beyond the scope of this document to specify how the client
interacts with the user.
The client should offer the user all the methods of specifying a
conference listed above. At the very least, the two first methods
should be supported.
@node Importing and Exporting E-Mail
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