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(Article Information): Mention bcc-recpt in a few places where only

	recpt and cc-recpt was mentioned.
(Aux-Item Types): Document send-comments-to.  (Bug 308).
(Recipients of comments): New subsection.
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......@@ -2375,16 +2375,16 @@ Specifies an article this article is a footnote to.
Specifies an article to which this article is a footnote.
@item loc-no
Specifies the local text number of this article in the conference
specified by @misc{recpt} or @misc{cc-recpt}.
specified by @misc{recpt}, @misc{cc-recpt} or @misc{bcc-recpt}.
@item rec-time
Specifies the time when this article was received by the conference
specified by @misc{recpt} or @misc{cc-recpt}.
specified by @misc{recpt}, @misc{cc-recpt} or @misc{bcc-recpt}.
@item sent-by
Specifies who sent this article to the conference specified by
@misc{recpt} or @misc{cc-recpt}.
@misc{recpt}, @misc{cc-recpt} or @misc{bcc-recpt}.
@item sent-at
Specifies when the article was sent to the conference specified by
@misc{recpt} or @misc{cc-recpt}.
@misc{recpt}, @misc{cc-recpt} or @misc{bcc-recpt}.
@item bcc-recpt
Specifies a blind carbon copy recipient. This item is only accepted by
protocol version 10 servers and is only sent in responses and messages
......@@ -8594,6 +8594,24 @@ to import a single external mailing list. The data should be the
email address that is used to post to the list, such as
@item send-comments-to [33] (letterbox)
Normally, when a comment is created, it is sent to the author of the
commented text if he isn't a member of any of the recipients of the
comment. By setting this aux-item on the letterbox, a person can
request different treatment. The value should be a conference number
where comments should be sent instead. The value @samp{0} is special
and means that the comment should not be sent to any special
conference, even though that means that the author of the commented
text will never see the comment. (This is useful for mail importers
and other similar robots.)
@xref{Recipients of comments}, for more information about how the
client should select the conferences that a comment should be sent
This aux-item can only be set by the supervisor of the person.
@item mx-mime-belongs-to [10100] (text)
Data is a decimal text number that this text is an attachment to. Most
......@@ -8978,6 +8996,7 @@ will go away when the protocol is updated to correct these deficiencies.
* Text formatting:: The format of texts in the database.
* Content type specification:: Clients can tag the content type of a text.
* Client-side name expansion:: By number, by word, by regexp.
* Recipients of comments:: Where comments should be sent.
@end menu
......@@ -9041,6 +9060,32 @@ The client should offer the user all the methods of specifying a
conference listed above. At the very least, the two first methods
should be supported.
@node Recipients of comments
@subsection Recipients of comments
When a user writes a comment, the user should have full control over
which conferences and/or letterboxes that the comment is sent to. By
default, the recipient list should be all @misc{recpt} recipients.
@misc{cc-recpt} and @misc{bcc-recpt} recipients should not be
Conferences in the recipient list that has the @conftype{original} bit
set should be replaced by the @field{super-conf} of that conference.
If the @field{super-conf} is zero, it should be replaced with the
author of the commented text.
If the author of the commented text isn't a member of any of the new
recipients, the client should see if the author has a
@aux{send-comments-to} aux item. If it is @samp{0}, nothing should be
done. Otherwise, @aux{send-comments-to} should be a valid conference
number, and that conference should be added as a @misc{recpt}
recipient. If there is no @aux{send-comments-to} aux-item, the user
should be prompted to add the author of the commented text as a
@misc{recpt} or @misc{cc-recpt} recipient.
If a recipient is present more than once, all duplicates should be
@node Importing and Exporting E-Mail
@appendix Importing and Exporting E-Mail (informative)
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