Commit ecbc232d authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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The test suite failed when configured with --with-debug-calls.

Improve a few log messages.
parent 53ccd466
2002-10-25 Per Cederqvist <>
The test suite failed when configured with --with-debug-calls.
* src/server/testsuite/config/unix.exp (lyskomd_fail_start):
Handle --with-debug-calls compilations.
* src/server/testsuite/lyskomd.0/09.exp: Handle --with-debug-calls
* src/server/testsuite/lyskomd.0/admin-cov.exp: Ditto.
* src/server/testsuite/lyskomd.0/conference-cov.exp: Ditto.
* src/server/testsuite/lyskomd.0/person-cov.exp: Ditto.
Improve a few log messages.
* src/server/person.c (do_set_user_area): Improve the "Old
user_area X unmarked" message.
* src/server/conference.c (do_set_presentation): Improve the "Old
presentation not marked" message.
(do_set_etc_motd): Improve the "New motd has X marks" and "Old
motd not marked" messages.
* src/server/admin.c (set_motd_of_lyskom): The "Old motd not
marked" message used the wrong function name.
Log the reason why the connection status file cannot be renamed.
(Bug 841).
* src/server/connections.c (dump_connections): Emit
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