Commit f8bc8f5b authored by David Byers's avatar David Byers
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New calls accept-async and query-async

parent 1da5904e
Mon Jun 10 13:38:12 1996 David Byers <>
* admin.c (send_message): Force message to user if it has an
explicit letterbox recipient or if the sender is the
* send-async.c (async_new_name): Check that the connection is
allowed to know about the conference that changed name.
(async_send_group_message): Allow override of preference not to
receive message. (async_send_message) Option to force message to
be sent to user.
* fncdef.txt: Added assept_async and query_async calls.
* connections.h: Added num_list ro Result_holder and Res_type.
* prot-a-output.c (prot_a_output_num_list): New function
* session.c (accept_async): Added this function.
* async.h: I-will-include-zis-only-vonce code added.
* internal-connections.c (init_connection): Handle num_list field.
Sensible initialization of the want_async field.
* connections.c (free_parsed): Handle num_list field.
* call-switch.awk: Handle num_list input type.
* prot-a-send-async.c: Check if client wants async messages before
sending them; just about all functions have been modified.
* prot-a-send-async.h (ASYNC_CHECK_ACCEPT): New macro to check if
connection wants the async message at all.
* connections.h: Added want_async field to Connection. Added
num_list field to Connection.
* async.h: Added ay_dummy_last.
Sun Jun 9 10:36:29 1996 David Byers <>
* server-config.c: Added "Permissive sync" option.
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