Commit fa881da7 authored by Per Cederqvist's avatar Per Cederqvist
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Release 1.9.0.

Portability fixes.
Added argument active_last to who_is_on_dynamic.
parent 18015a22
Sun Aug 4 03:25:18 1996 Per Cederqvist <>
* Release 1.9.0.
* dbck.c: Include <string.h> if it exists.
* getopt.c: Likewise.
* server-config.c: Likewise.
* ram-smalloc.c (srealloc): Fixed printf-style modifiers in calls
to restart_kom.
* connections.c (mux_handle_packet): Fixed printf-style modifiers
in VBUG calls.
(login_request): Likewise.
(logout_request): Likewise.
* Makefile.src (KOMLIBS): Link with libregex before libansi, since
libregex may need memcmp from libansi.
Sat Aug 3 01:46:52 1996 Per Cederqvist <>
* fncdef.txt (who_is_on_dynamic): One more numeric argument.
* session.c (who_is_on_dynamic): New argument: active_last.
* simple-cache.c (get_version): Removed an unused variable.
* prot-a-output.c (prot_a_output_extended_conf_type): anarchy is
now named allow_anon.
* prot-a-parse.c (prot_a_parse_conf_type): Likewise.
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