1. 28 Apr, 2001 7 commits
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      (reader.check_paren_null): New name for former check_paren_eof. All · 229ce642
      Per Cederqvist authored
      	callers updated.  Clear __parenstack, so that errors are
      	reported only once.
      (lexer.__init__): Initialize __linkhere.
      (lexer.toplevel_node): Check that no @linkhere or closing
      	parenthesis are pending.
      (lexer.toplevel_reqdlink, lexer.__assert_no_linkhere)
      (lexer.toplevel_linkhere): New methods.
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      Renamed modify_server_info to modify_system_info, to match · ea401786
      Per Cederqvist authored
      Protocol-A.texi.  Mark up all requests and fix all references in
      Protocol-A.texi.  Check for balanced parenthesis.  Don't omit stuff
      when formatting Protocol-A.texi as HTML.
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      (reader.parens, reader.rev_parens): New constants. · 50aaa78d
      Per Cederqvist authored
      (reader.__init__): Initialise __parenstack, __errfound and __quoted.
      (reader.error, reader.errfound): New methods.
      (reader.ungetc, reader.getc_eofok): Handle quoting and parens nesting.
      (reader.check_paren_eof): Report unbalanced parens at EOF.
      (lexer.__init__): Moved __errfound to the reader class.
      (lexer.run): Check for unbalanced parens at EOF.
      (lexer.toplevel_reqlink): Ignore.
      (lexer.toplevel_reqdlink, lexer.toplevel_linkhere): Ignore, for
      	now.  We should check nesting et c of these.
      (lexer.toplevel_unmacro): Ignore.
      (lexer.error): Moved the implementation to the reader class.  This
      	is only a wrapper.
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      Added "@linkhere{}". · 0eb3b561
      Per Cederqvist authored
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      Use @reqlink and @reqdlink where appropriate. Fix lots of malformed · 63a5219d
      Per Cederqvist authored
      @ref, @xref and @pxref usages.  Also:
      (@reqlink, @reqdlink, @linkhere): New markup macros.
      (Document Edition History): Added missing @async markup.
      (About Aux-Items): Added missing @field markup.
      (Simple Data Types): Removed an unbalanced close parenthesis.
      (LysKOM Data Types): Added missing @field markup. Removed an
      	unbalanced close parenthesis.
      (lookup-name): Added a missing close parenthesis.
      (get-info-old): Added a missing close parenthesis.  This returns
      	Info-Old, not Info.
      (create-anonymous-text-old): Added missing @field markup.
      (login): Added missing close parenthesis.
      (local-to-global): Don't use fancy mathemtical notations for
      	half-closed intervals.  Added missing @type markup.
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