1. 19 Jun, 2004 2 commits
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      (Aux-Item Definition File): Documented · 272143c6
      David Byers authored
      	supervisor-only and author-only more accurately (bug 530).
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      (Aux-Item Types): Document letterbox, text · ad839790
      David Byers authored
      	and other type parameters of aux-item definitions (bug 9).
      (Person Status Types, Who Information, Session Information):
      	Improved documentation of the username field (bug 196).
      (add-member): Fixed documentation of error codes (bug 199).
      (async-i-am-on): Fixed error in the message description (bug 200).
      (Importing and Exporting E-Mail): Improved documentation on what
      	aux-items affect importers (bug 201)
  2. 26 Apr, 2004 1 commit
  3. 06 Jan, 2004 1 commit
  4. 28 Dec, 2003 1 commit
  5. 27 Nov, 2003 1 commit
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      (Simple Data Types): The %g format specifier is locale-dependent in · 14290d8b
      Per Cederqvist authored
      	the C specification, so say that FLOAT is formatted as %g is
      	formatted in the "C" locale.
      (Conference Status Types): Fixed the description of the no-of-texts
      	field.  It is actually the difference between the first unused
      	local text number and first-local-no, and that will differ
      	from the number of texts in the conference if a text other
      	than the oldest one is removed.
      (Membership Information): Document that read-ranges is kept in
      	ascending order.
      (What do I have unread): Update the description with the version
      	11 requests.
  6. 06 Oct, 2003 1 commit
  7. 03 Oct, 2003 1 commit
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      (Parameters): Document these: · 25152f6f
      Per Cederqvist authored
          Free space warning level
          Free space warning percent
          Free inodes warning level
          Free inodes warning percent
          Free space critical level
          Free space critical percent
          Free inodes critical level
          Free inodes critical percent
      (Invoking checkkomspace): New node.
  8. 31 Aug, 2003 1 commit
  9. 29 Aug, 2003 7 commits
  10. 28 Aug, 2003 8 commits
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      Updated. · c177c6c1
      Per Cederqvist authored
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      Generate protocol-a-recommended.txt and protocol-a-current.txt. · 11438b8c
      Per Cederqvist authored
      (prot_a_type.__init__): Initialize __recommended to 0.
      (prot_a_type.use): New argument: recommended.  All callers
      	updated.  Set the __recommended flag once a recommended
      	request or async uses this type.
      (prot_a_builtin.use_recurse): Ditto.
      (prot_a_type.recommended): New method.
      (lexer.__parse_type): Replaced the protover arguemnt with a
      	request object.  All callers updated.
      (lexer.__parse_request_arg): Ditto.
      (generate_stable_output): New argument: filename,
      (generate_summary_output): New function.
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    • Per Cederqvist's avatar
      (update-www): Depend on protocol-a-full.txt, so that checkargs.py is · d571771f
      Per Cederqvist authored
      	run first.  Copy the generated grammars to the web dir.
      (protocol-a-full.txt): New target.
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      Ignore protocol-a-*.txt. · 4eb10734
      Per Cederqvist authored
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      (Protocol Requests): The status codes for who-is-on-ident and · fded4489
      Per Cederqvist authored
      	get-session-info-ident were "r" but should have been "O".
      (login-old): Added info about when this request became obsolete in
      	the section.
      (get-person-stat-old): Ditto.
      (lookup-name): Ditto.
      (get-conf-stat-older): Ditto.
      (mark-text-old): Ditto.
      (who-is-on-old): Ditto.
      (broadcast): Ditto.
      (get-session-info): Ditto.
      (re-lookup-person): Ditto.
      (re-lookup-conf): Ditto.
      (lookup-person): Ditto.
      (lookup-conf): Ditto.
      (query-read-texts-10): Ditto.
      (get-membership-10): Ditto.
      (set-connection-time-format): Fixed typo in the @section heading.
      (Asynchronous Messages): The status codes for async-new-text-old
      	was "r" but should have been "O".
      (async-new-text-old): Added async number to the @section heading.
      (async-i-am-off): Ditto.
      (async-i-am-on-obsolete): Ditto.
      (async-new-name): Ditto.
      (async-i-am-on): Ditto.
      (async-sync-db): Ditto.
      (async-leave-conf): Ditto.
      (async-login): Ditto.
      (async-broadcast): Ditto.
      (async-rejected-connection): Ditto.
      (async-send-message): Ditto.
      (async-logout): Ditto.
      (async-deleted-text): Ditto.
      (async-new-text): Ditto.
      (async-new-recipient): Ditto.
      (async-sub-recipient): Ditto.
      (async-new-membership): Ditto.
      (async-new-user-area): Ditto.
      (async-new-presentation): Ditto.
      (async-new-motd): Ditto.
      (async-text-aux-changed): Ditto.
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      (defined_request_names): New variable. · cd36209c
      Per Cederqvist authored
      (defined_request_names): New variable.
      (defined_async_names): New variable.
      (set_values): New variable.
      (tt): New variable.
      (tr): New variable.
      (rt): New variable.
      (rr): New variable.
      (at): New variable.
      (ar): New variable.
      (has_suffix): New function.
      (remove_suffix): New function.
      (prot_a_type.__init__): Initialize __protover.
      (prot_a_type.line_no): Renamed from line().
      (prot_a_type.use): New argument: protover.  All callers
      	and derived methods updated.
      (prot_a_type.protover): New method.
      (prot_a_builtin.use_recurse): Ditto.
      (prot_a_simple.base_type): New method.
      (prot_a_simple.array): New method.
      (prot_a_alternate.type_a): New method.
      (prot_a_alternate.type_b): New method.
      (prot_a_struct.fields): New method.
      (prot_a_bitstring.add_field): Store the bits in the order they are
      (prot_a_bitstring.bits): New method.
      (prot_a_selection.fields): New method.
      (prot_a_enumeration_of.base_type): New method.
      (prot_a_msg): New class.
      (prot_a_request): New class.
      (prot_a_async): New class.
      (menu): New class.
      (reader.menu_re): New constant.
      (reader.getc_eofok): If a menu line for a request or async message
      	is found, store the information.
      (reader.menu): New method.
      (lexer.section_re): New method.
      (lexer.__init__): __implemented_conftypes and
      	__implemented_privbits both maps to None, not a random number.
      (lexer.run): If __toplevel_at() returns a non-None value, return it.
      (lexer.__toplevel_at): Return the result of the called "toplevel_"
      	method instead of always returning None.
      (lexer.toplevel_set): New method.
      (lexer.toplevel_section): New method.
      (lexer.toplevel_findex): Store information about the request in a
      	prot_a_request instance.  Check the corresponding @section
      	heading and @menu item.
      (lexer.toplevel_amindex): Ditto for asyncs.
      (lexer.__parse_async): New API.
      (lexer.toplevel_bye): Generate stable names.  Return the error
      	flag instead of calling sys.exit().
      (lexer.__parse_request): New API.
      (lexer.__parse_type): New argument: protover.
      (lexer.__parse_request_arg): Ditto.  Return the parsed info.
      (lexer.__bad_arg): Fixed minor typo.
      (lexer.generate_stable_names): New method.
      (generate_stable_output): New function.
  11. 23 Aug, 2003 9 commits
  12. 22 Aug, 2003 1 commit
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      (Mapping Local to Global Text Numbers): Renamed the field · 9735659f
      Per Cederqvist authored
      	"later-texts-exists" in "Text-Mapping" to "more-texts-exists",
      	so that it is useful for the new requests defined below.
      	Updated the descriptions of some fields for the same purpose.
      (local-to-global): Added a link to local-to-global-reverse.
      (map-created-texts): Added a link to map-created-texts-reverse.
      (set-connection-time-format): Added a missing protocol number.
      (local-to-global-reverse): New request.
      (map-created-texts-reverse): New request.
  13. 20 Aug, 2003 6 commits