1. 13 Jan, 2003 3 commits
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      Send async-deleted-text, async-new-text, async-new-text-old, · 3b9066e9
      Per Cederqvist authored
      async-add-recipient and async-sub-recipient to recipients of text
      linked to the relevant text.  (Bug 59).
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      (text_read_access): Added const qualifiers. · 2ce6808c
      Per Cederqvist authored
      (person_text_read_access): Ditto.
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      (is_member_in): New static function. · 8b5a6dea
      Per Cederqvist authored
      (is_member_in_recpt): Use is_member_in to simplify code.
      (is_member_in_recpt_of): New static function.
      (is_member_in_linked_recpt): New static function.
      (interested_party): New static function. This also considers if
      	the potential message recipient is a member of a recipient of a
      	text that is linked to the text, via a misc-info or a aux-item.
      (send_async_sub_recipient): Use interested_party to determine if
      	the asynchronous message should be sent.
      (send_async_deleted_text): Ditto.
      (send_async_new_text_old): Ditto.
      (send_async_new_text): Ditto.
      (send_async_add_recipient): Ditto.
      (text_read_access): Added const qualifiers.
  2. 12 Jan, 2003 20 commits
  3. 10 Jan, 2003 10 commits
  4. 07 Jan, 2003 7 commits