1. 30 Apr, 2001 4 commits
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      Updated. · 4386dea6
      Per Cederqvist authored
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      Check type definitions, that all types are used, and some related · c77ab42e
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      stuff.  Renamed ENUMREATION_OF to ENUMERATION-OF.  Minor fixes to the
      protocol specification.  @reqdlink now works when using TeX.
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      (defined_types): New variable. · bca1637b
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      (number_suffixed): New function.
      (prot_a_type): New class, with several derived classes.
      (reader.error): Allow the line number to be a string, such as '*builtin*'.
      (lexer.__init__): Added 'ENUMERATION-OF' to the set of builtin
      	aggregates.  Add builtin types to defined_types.
      (lexer): Ignore @dots{}.
      (lexer.toplevel_bye): Check that all defined types are used.
      (lexer.toplevel_tindex): Pass a list of the @tindex entries to
      	__parse_userdefined_types, so that that function can check that
      	they are all defined.
      (lexer.__parse_userdefined_types): Implemented.  Several helper
      	functions introduced.
      (lexer.__parse_type): Simplified.  Do some error checking and
      	bookkeeping.  Return a tuple, so that it is easier for the caller
      	to see if an array was used.  All callers updated.
      (lexer.__bad_arg): Accept "reservedX" and "flgX" for numerical values of X.
      (lexer.__get_token): Handle the new tokens "::=", "|" and "=".
      	Ignore comments (introduced with "!").
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      (Simple Data Types): Renamed ENUMERATION_OF to ENUMERATION-OF. · 2ce0b7e8
      Per Cederqvist authored
      	Nothing else uses "_".  The only user updated.
      (LysKOM Data Types): Missing semicolon added.
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