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      (Conferences): Added a reference to ``Recipients of comments'' under · 5c55a466
      Per Cederqvist authored
      	the explanation of rd-prot.
      (Conference Status Types): Document super-conf properly.  It has two
      	different uses.  (Bug 310).
      (set-permitted-submitters): Document what it means when
      	``permitted-submitters'' is zero, and that that setting is the
      (set-super-conf): Added a reference to ``Conference Status Types''.
      (The User Area): Spelling error fixed.
      (Recipients of comments): Simplified the rules for super-conf.  A
      	setting of 0 no longer means anything.  The previous meaning
      	wasn't implemented.
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      (Top, Concepts, The Aux-Item List) · cd5f0ed3
      Per Cederqvist authored
      (Fundamentals, LysKOM Data Types, Who Information)
      (Protocol Requests, Asynchronous Messages, Common Commands): Menu
      	descriptions added.
      (get-text): @badspell added in example.
      (Who Information): These types are all obsolete.  Almost.
      (Client-Server Dialog): Mention asynchronous messages.
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      Added spell-ignore and spell-end-ignore about several regions where · 25e92443
      Per Cederqvist authored
      spell checking doesn't make sense.  Removed rcsid line.  Added ispell
      magic after @bye.  Several spelling errors fixed.
      (daemon, badspell): New macros.  Use them where appropriate.
      (holl): New macro.  Change all examples of Hollerith-coded strings
      	to use this.
      (re-z-lookup): Fixed broken length of Hollerith string in the example.
  22. 09 May, 2001 1 commit
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      (Predefined Aux-Item Types): State that client-specific aux-items can · b6541ae4
      Per Cederqvist authored
      	be redefined as predefined.
      (Client-Specific Aux-Item Types): Likewise.
      (komimportmail Aux-Item Types): Node removed.  Contents moved to
      	"Aux-Item Types".
      (Aux-Item Types): Added mx-mime-belongs-to [10100],
      	mx-mime-part-in [10101], mx-mime-misc [10102],
      	mx-envelope-sender [10103] and mx-mime-file-name [10104].
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      Sentences in Texinfo should end with double spaces. Set sentence-end · adbd2e44
      Per Cederqvist authored
      and sentence-end-double-space in the local variables section, and
      update the entire document with lots of scattered whitespace changes.
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      (Protocol Notation): New node. Move text here to avoid too much · 7a2f0257
      Per Cederqvist authored
      	text before menus in Info and HTML output.  Describe the syntax of
      	call headings.
      (About Asynchronous Messages): New node.  Move text here to avoid
      	too much text before menus in Info and HTML output.
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      (LysKOM Data Types): Split into several subnodes. Updated all cross · 5790234e
      Per Cederqvist authored
      	references to point to the relevant subnode.
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      (Client-Server Dialog): Markup fixes. · d4ae2c37
      Per Cederqvist authored
      (Future changes): Markup fixes.
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      (Connecting to the Server): New node, containing the first part of the · 1e59e342
      Per Cederqvist authored
      	"Client-Server Dialog" node. Added a footnote about "Protocol
      	A" and "Protocol B".  Added some missing markup.  Don't talk
      	about what happens when a protocol other than Protocol A is
      	used.  The error message for an unsupported protocol is
      	"%%LysKOM unsupported protocol.", not "%%Unsupported
      	protocol".  The error message used when no connections are
      	available was lacking the trailing dot.
      (Client-Server Dialog): Much text moved to "Connecting to the
      	Server".  Mention that the client can issue several calls without
      	waiting for the replies, but that it must read replies when they
      	arrive.  Mention that the replies are sent back in the proper
      	order, but that clients are wise not to rely on that.  Renamed
      	error-no in the error-reply to error-code, to make the document
      	more coherent.  Changed the type of error-code to INT32, and
      	removed the types Error-No and error-no.  Added the "insane token
      	length" and "insane array size" error messages to protocol-error.
      (Error Responses): Node removed.  The old contents were moved into
      	"Client-Server Dialog" or discarded because it was redundant.
      (Protocol Error Messages): New name for former "Special Errors".
      	Removed "%%No connections left.", since that message is only sent
      	during connection establishment.
      (Error Codes): Refer to error-status, not error-code.
      (Future changes): Talk about why giving the server freedom to
      	reorder the replies may be beneficial, and how it can be done
      	without breaking any clients.
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